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Discover what SmartCredit can do for you.


Easily Track & Understand All Your Credit Scores

Credit Score

Summarizes your overall credit status

Auto Score

Shows creditworthiness for vehicle loans

Insurance Score

Displays creditworthiness for insurance

Hiring Risk Index

Shows creditworthiness for employment based on authorized background checks

Credit Alerts

Link Alerts to Your Phone

Receive notifications for the following:

Summarizes your overall credit status

  • New accounts and inquiries
  • Change in account status
  • Suspicious activity
  • Score improvement
  • Monthly credit updates
  • Money Manager transactions
  • Payments due

$1 MM Family Fraud Insurance

Protection for the Entire Household
  • Zero Deductible, $1 Million Coverage
  • Bank, savings, brokerage, lines of credit, and credit cards
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for ID recovery
  • Credit reports
  • Unsuspected pre-existing identity fraud
  • Replacement costs of stolen driver’s license and passport


Reach Your Target Score to Get Better Loans

How it Works:

  • See how payments can increase your score
  • Know when to apply for credit
  • Know the right time to repay
  • Balance spending between accounts